Hurricane Boat Hauling, Storage, and Repair

Just like our boating season, the Atlantic hurricane season conveniently stretches from June to November. We offer a variety of services to help before, during, and after a hurricane. 


Hurricane Boat Hauling

We haul boats out around the clock until they are all out or weather is no longer permitting.

Hurricane Boat Storage

High and dry indoor and outdoor hurricane storage as space allows! 

Post Hurricane Repair

No matter how much we prepare hurricanes still cause damage. We offer structural repairs, fiberglass and gel-coat repair, carpentry and woodwork repair, just to name a few. We will work with you and your insurance company to get your boat back in the water as painlessly as possible! 

We base our hurricane boat hauling and storage scheduling on each specific storm and the challenges it presents. Make plans and preparations before there is a real hurricane threat, call us now to discuss our procedures and your specific needs!